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Dedicated Daughters:

Committed to love, honor and protect our parents.

“I’m really worried – like, all the time now. Mom fell again yesterday …”

“Ever since mom died, dad’s been essentially alone. Social interactions were her job. And now I’m all he has …”

“I promised I’d never do it, put her in ‘a home’ — but I am NOT equipped to deal with this …”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because you’re not the first one to make this journey. You’re not even the only one making it right now. Of course everyone has to chart their own course — your parent is an individual and your situation is unique. But right now there are literally thousands of people, many in your nearby community, in the same boat, navigating the same waters. “How do I know if I’m handling things well? What if I’m in over my head? Are my parents getting what they need? Are they happy?” — if you’re asking yourself these questions, you are far from alone.

If you’re here, it’s because you believe great parents deserve great care.

Every two weeks our moderators will host a Zoom meeting where caregivers supporting aging parents, just like you, will come together in a structured forum to share their stories. Each session will have a theme that targets a specific aspect of the journey to help focus the conversation. Periodically, we’ll invite guest speakers, experts specializing in different facets of caregiving for the elderly, such as “Navigating Medicaid” or “How to communicate with parents experiencing memory loss.”

We created this group to be a port in the storm for children charged with caring for their aging parents. This is a place to connect with each other, feel heard, seek advice, share concerns and look for solutions. We may each be on our own journey, but we’re all in rough water under the same stars. Let’s be here for one another.

The moderators are extremely knowledgeable in the senior health care arena.  They are familiar with all the latest trends and facilities and can guide your family to make the right decisions for your loved ones. Because they have worked with so many families to find the right answers for them, they are very compassionate and caring when dealing with families.  I wish I had known about this site when I was making decisions about my mother.  Their direction would have saved time and frustration.

Debra Smith

Dear Dedicated Daughters – 

I want to thank you so very much for all your kind assistance while I was looking for the proper home for my sister. 

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease and you were such a compassionate listener. You were so kind and understanding. You listened and gave me good feedback. You were patient with my repeat calls for additional information. You considered mine and my sister’s situation and advised me accordingly. You followed up with me periodically and then one day you called me before I called you – God had answered my prayers! It was a Dedicated Daughters moderator calling – just when I needed her most! 

Due to our circumstances, it has been a long time coming that I have finally made the decision to move my sister. You were still there waiting for me to come to the decision you knew I would one day make – you didn’t give up on me. And while I care for my sister, you have coached me through some very difficult situations and issues. 

Thank you! I appreciate you so much and hope we can continue to stay in contact. 


  • I was really unsure about being here and now I don’t know what I’d do without this group — I’ve learned so much!

    Britany B.

  • The moderators have helped me make peace with my decision to get dad the help that I can’t give him. This group has changed my family’s opinion of senior living places. He’s happy there and I know that he is being taken care of. More than I could ever do at home!

    John M.

  • These meetings have really helped me cope with being a caregiver. I thought maybe this feeling of guilt about how difficult it’s gotten was just me. Turns out, it’s really common. But just talking about it, exploring options, is making me feel better. Thanks DDs!

    Betsy W.


Download “Signs of Dementia” booklet

Download “Signs of Dementia” booklet

Wondering if your parent is showing signs of dementia? Download our booklet and learn more about some of the signs of dementia, diagnosis and the different stages experienced.

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