If you’re starting your senior living journey, it can feel overwhelming in the beginning.  There are a lot of options, a lot of lingo and a lot of priorities to sift through.  What began as a subject you may have known little about may be shifting to information overload as websites offer resources, sales people ask questions and you still are looking to make a decision.

Your journey to finding a solution shouldn’t be difficult, so let’s simplify it.

Top 10 considerations for a senior living community:

  1. Cleanliness
    • Is there an odor? Are common areas and apartments well-kempt?
  2. Staff friendliness and engagement
    • Do associates seem happy and engaged? Do they greet each other and residents with a smile and by name?
  3. Resident engagement
    • Are residents out and about? Do they seem happy?
  4. Care levels offered
    • What care levels are offered? What are the limitations within those care levels (when would someone need to move for care reasons)?
  5. Safety and security for residents
    • What is in place to ensure the safety and security of the residents 24/7?
  6. Programming (including transportation)
    • Outside of the stereotypical bingo and bridge, what programs are offered that are unique? Is there an example of programming that is personalized based on resident want/need?
  7. Care Associate tenure
    • What is the average tenure of the care associates? Remember: the care associates are who residents will interact with the most
  8. Food quality and nutrition
    • Is the food good? Does the staff eat the food as well?  What accommodations can be taken to meet nutritional needs of residents?
  9. State survey information
    • What were the most recent state survey results?
  10. Affordability
    • What financial options are there? What happens if a resident exhausts their funds?
We’ve put together this convenient checklist to help decide which community is best for your parent.

Many communities have bells and whistles, but looking at the most important parts of daily life at a senior living community will help you focus on what the right solution really is.  Are you visiting multiple communities?